Can someone help me with atc or its just them

Cause I already read the forum of atc and sometimes I play ask for pushback request a specific runway then I pushed back I then ask again to be safe then I say request frequency change and they say I was already instructed cause I don’t know if I just contact when they say contact tower when ready

When you are told to taxi you are told to “Contact Tower When Ready”. Therefore you were already instructed and you are just waisting the towers time. Remember that for next time :)

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As Balloon chaser said it’s included as part of the taxi clearance so once you are second or third in line then contact tower but don’t request takeoff until first in line.

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When, at what point, did you request frequency change? You’re not giving us much info here; this doesn’t make it easy to answer your query,
I’m guessing now: you received clearance to taxi to a runway. When you arrived at the hold-short line, you request a frequency change. This is not needed, because you were already instructed to change frequency; it’s in the actual taxi instruction “taxi to runway, contact Tower when ready”. (See also above comments)

Does this help?

also important one it says contact tower when ready. when ready. so stay on ground frequency until ypu reach hold short line. dont switch to tower immediately. ground may need ypu in their frequency for give way and other stuff in case of conflict. :)

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