Can someone help me make a virtual Organization

I am trying to start a virtual Organization called Infinite Flight air national guard and I’m not that good with computers so if somebody it was how to make a ifc page,website,Discord, and logo then please DM me. Once someone DM’s me they will be entered into a list of people to become the 4 star general aka Vice President And they will assist me in creating the organizationimagebtw i also need a crew center


Hey there!

It’s great that you’re trying to be part of the VO community, but there are a few IFC rules we need to address.

  1. Anything related to VA/VO should be in #live:VA.
  2. You’ve gotta start it on your own or ask friends to help, if they say no, then let them be.
  3. Once you get past half the approval phase, you can recruit staff via the prospective staff request thread, these guys can help you.

I’ve flagged this for closure, feel free to PM me or @ IFVARB if you need any help!

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