Can someone help explain?


My friend @AshleyMijA0225 just joined a couple days ago. She is interested in downloading Infinite Flight. Do yall have any tips and tricks and how to use the game for her? I really don’t know how to explain it properly!


I’m sure you have a lot of experience, I trust that you can help her out, especially if you are dating her at age 13.

You must trust each other if you’re dating at such a young age.

Since she’s on the forum, I’d assume she’d be able to ask her own questions.


She can use the user guide and tutorials.


As you said it is hard to explain and can only really be done visually. It’s too complicated for a reply :)


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As mentioned above, Infinite Flight’s official resources are your best bet:

Navigating Infinite Flight is an especially helpful first watch.

Also have her check out the #tutorials section where she can find a number of great tutorials, some basic and some advanced.

You can also just fly with her and teach her the basics. There’s really nothing much that anyone can say in this thread that will teach her how to use Infinite Flight. It’s one of those things that you just have to do and figure out for yourself. Practice makes perfect.


you dare…

jokes aside, you guys should pick an aircraft to start out with (I would recommend 737) and explore the flight physics. The 737 is a good starter aircraft.

I agree with the above but you really need to explain the LNAV and VNAV and trim ect those are the most crucial in my opinion

A350, way easier to land, and if landing is easier that’ll boost confidence and make her learn better.

I’d say spawn in a C172 and learn the cockpit controls as well as those navigation aids such as NAV1, NAV2, and ADF. Fly around on casual a bit to familiarize with the aircraft and its physics. Then once you understand the basics, kick it up a notch.

Of course watch those tutorials and practice ATC communication once suited

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We could both be wrong…this is for her, not us.

There’s a lot of personal preference involved.

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Very, true speaking straight facts.

The online documentation is your best bet that was linked above.