Can someone give me tips to not be scared of flying in real life

i feel like it is because if my plane crashes the consequences could be worse. I just feel like dying in a plane crash would be more painful because in a car crash If it is a serious one i would die on impact

You do know that dying in a car crash is higher than a plane crash?

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Understandable, but look at it like this, if you’re 36000 feet in the air and something is wrong, the well trained pilots know about everything they have to do, and because you are high up there is a bigger chance for them to fix it, or in a really bad case, make sure you survive. If you approach an intersection and a drunk person slams into your car at 60mph, there is not much you could do and trust me, that is way more likely to happen than for you to die in a plane crash.


Alright. Thanks for your help!


Watch a movie, listen to your favorite music, go to sleep. If you live your whole life worrying about dying, you’ll never truly live. So just enjoy the ride


Honestly I doubt statistics are the solution to this. If he is already enough of a fan of aviation to be on a flight sim community I have to imagine he is well aware that on paper it is a super safe method of transportation. I mean at the same time a fear of flying is, to the human minds narrow field of thought, certainly rational enough to be a legitimate fear. Being in a metal tube with lots of other people high in the sky and with no control over the situation isn’t exactly a comforting situation for anyone. I’m not sure a numeric breakdown of how likely you are to die and how bad it will be is going to help that. I think the better advice is how to deal with it, because if you deal with it enough and show your mind nothing will happen then that’s the best way to get over any fear I have found. Whenever you fly make sure you have a movie, book, game, etc to take your mind off it, use methods like deep breathing if the fear comes to a point of panic, and if it is at a point where it is stopping you from doing what you want to do and living your life as you want to then perhaps consider some more professional help. If the statistics are doing the job though I know there are plenty of stats to show just how safe it is on paper. 🙂


My Advice

  • Eat and drink when you need to
  • Use the Inflight Entertainment to calm yourself down
  • Be an Avgeek! If you’re lucky, you may even get to go in the cockpit!

Hey man I just went on a real life flight from San Diego to Dallas Ft Worth Last Week and I am currently still in Texas you know what I did I did deep breaths during takeoff! It actually went really quick! So no worries I flew at 37000 ft in the air crazy right! The flight attendants were so nice!! U will be ok!!!

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I fly very often. I used to be terrified 😂. Takeoff scared me the most, but I always loved landings lol. Now, I almost want to live on a plane 😂.

My tips would be:
Try to distract yourself if your really scared. Listen to music or watch a movie or show.
If you are afraid of heights, look out the window if you can. You can see some amazing things.
If there is turbulence, just know your going to get through it and be fine. Did you know that the wing flex on the 787 is so insane that you could bend the wings to touch each other and they wouldn’t break!?!
Thats how crazy the engineering and technology is now days.

and like @WeiYangAvgeek said, be an AVGeek! Tell the FAs you’re an avgeek and see if you can go to the cockpit!

Lastly, have fun! It doesnt last long.

I hope everyone’s responses helped. 😊

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you’re more likely to get into an accident in a boat and car then a plane, planes are actually the most trustworthy piece of transport to use and I suggest doing research

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First of all, flying is much safer than driving by a long shot. Secondly, I have had the same problems in my youth, and I have some tips for you to overcome this and when you will feel scared:

  1. Right after takeoff
    This would make you feel for a second that your falling out of the sky - don’t worry though, because it is just the flaps being raised I believe (larger let’s wait till higher alts).

  2. During the climbing turns (under 10k)
    On a lot of the turns, you will feel a severe falling feeling and this is not due to ANY problems so don’t worry.

  3. During the flight
    During the flight, you might experience some turbulence that might give you that falling feeling in your stomach, but nothing much. You should for sure not worry about this because you are going between 450-600kts so I don’t think you are going to stall anytime soon.

  4. Descent
    Surprisingly, I actually don’t really feel this a lot during the descent. Rather, more during the initial climb.

These are the times I would experience these scary feelings, but I have come to the fact that these pilots are much more experienced than my Dad when he drives his car haha. Also, these aircraft are so well built, and the odds of crashing are so low.

On a side note, I think there should be a thread for people to post when they are scared about an upcoming flight and need support. Maybe someone could do this, or I could create it myself.

Do we need a thread for this kind of thing?

  • Yes
  • No

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Face your fear. That’s the only way.


I’ve got a pair of great noise-cancelling headphones that I wear whenever I fly - they’d be good for you!

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Go and sit with the captain XD
Interact with the cabin crew

  1. Familiarize yourself with the noises a plane makes. Half my family is scared of flying and knowing the random sounds that come out of a plane has helped them a lot. For example, when flight spoilers are deployed on approach it tends to create a loud whoosing sound followed by a jitter and drop in the plane. If you know that those are the flight spoilers, you won’t have a problem brushing it off as a normal part of flight. Same goes with the little kick and deceleration that comes with dropping of the gear.

  2. Don’t look down during takeoff/landing phases. It’s fine at cruise b/c everything is so small that your brain doesn’t have a frame of reference to process how high you are, but during takeoff/landing you can see cars and people really small and it scares a lot of people.

  3. Distract yourself. Noise cancelling headphones are a good choice. You can also use the IFE or your phone. You can even sleep.

  4. Anticipate turbulence. It happens when most frequently when breaking the cloud layer on both climb and descent. At cruise, turbulence tends to be fairly gentle and you’ll probably be doing something or sleeping anyways. If you’re prepared for a little bit of turbulence, you won’t get as scared when it happens.


when i get scared i remember that the pilots have more hours irl than i do on IF so that helps😂

just remember that you will arrive soon™️

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Thank you everyone! I am feeling a lot better now

I had fear of flying some years ago, so I have a suggestion:

Get a more in-depth simulator like X-Plane. I guarantee that most of your fear comes from fear of the unknown (even if you don’t know it). Once you start learning and fully simulating flights from cold and dark, that fear of the unknown will go away, because you know what is going to happen. I do full flights with the Zibo 737-800X every day in XP11, so my fear of flying is completely gone now.

More advice, scope things out before the flight. The aircraft, the runways being used, the winds, the route that the flight usually takes, etc. This also removes some uncertainty, and while it won’t help as much as the first suggestion it will make you a little more confident.

Good luck, happy travels, and I believe in you

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight ;)

Obviously, there’s some great tips in the comments above which could be helpful too

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Think of it this way

Planes are so safe it’s national breaking news when one does crash