Can someone ghost this guy please

Test flight 350 flying around Cairo international is causing trouble. He is doing touch and goes on the opposite side of the runway. Almost collided mid air with him while I was on final

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Sorry to hear about this experience.

If this was on Expert Server, and the user has a community account, you could report him to the moderators on here.

Click on the aircraft in the map, hit “Show Info” and it should show if he has a community account or not.


What server is this on?

Hey! If you’re on expert server you can talk with the active controller at HECA, he will report him if necessary. If there’s no active ATC pm @moderators with a video showing what he was doing wrong. Thanks

Also call an IFATC supervisor too @Cdt_Aupetit

Take a snapshot of the user details - identifier number is unique to each user - surely that would be enough for mods/staff to act. Apparently not if the user doesn’t have a linked IFC account am I hearing this right?

Adding onto what Mateo has said, a sup can evaluate the situation alternatively contact a moderator.

Expert Server

For some reason, I can’t

I have just spawned in and can see the pilot. I’ll continue to monitor the situation.


Then the mods wouldn’t be able to give the user the violation as they don’t have proof of what the user was doing.

How long has ATC been active? And are there other planes around you?

I see him I don’t think he has an IFC account but he is within the vicinity still

Well ghosts haven’t been on IF for quite a while.

can you screenshot his info please? Like tap his name then screenshot

For a while but the airspace is crowded.
On the ground, it’s absolutely hell. I thought I was on training server for a while


Ghost= violation/report. We are used to say ghost I guess haha


Yes, give me a sec

You mean report? Talk to the moderators and IFATC supervisors.

It’s a hub, it would be busy.