Can someone explain?

Ok so I was looking a Live flight app and looking at the expert server and this popped up,

even more, it was Tyler. Like bruh


This happens if Liveflight doesn’t recognize the aircraft or livery, showing an unknown aircraft. This happened to almost all new liveries after the 777 rework, so it likely isn’t anything special.


A staff member flying a aircraft with a Typ identification number in the API that LiveFlight could not recognise.

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In a nutshell, it is used as a bufferscreen to mask aircraft in development. It is used when Liveflight cannot recognize an aircraft.

@Tyler_Shelton can most likely give more input.

Tyler likes his Aerocycle just a 777 in disguise… Those GE engines made it Next Level.

It happens when Alpha or Beta testing is going or or just a non plane in the LiveFlight system like what others said.

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Yes. This happend to some 777 & 757 Aircrafts because there are no pictures so far of them. the Delta 757 has a pic there.

LOL What you doing Tyler??

It has been mentioned before that this happens when LiveFlight doesn’t recognize the airplane model. However, this also happens from time to time when LiveFlight doesn’t recognize airplane liveries.

There are still some liveries / models from the past updates that weren’t included in LiveFlight yet, so this could be anything. No need to tag Staff members over something like this 😊


Furthermore, in this specific case,it’s probably a Cape Verde 757, which didn’t have a livery before 20.3 so it isn’t recognized.

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