Can someone explain

Why did I just get this lag for no reason. I had my airplane count to none and as soon as I don’t want lag the less it comes out of no where.

What device is this? We need some information to be able to troubleshoot the issue.

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Could possibly be something to do with how many background apps you have running at the same time

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Hey! This is a known issue. Will hopefully be fixed soon.


It’s a iPhone 8 Plus that normally runs If like a dream. I did some practice landings before the flight and it ran just fine

I had IF operations and IF assistance running but I normallly have them runnning with good frames

So the game just gets laggy for no reasons?

If there’s supposedly an issue then that might answer your question. You could still try running IF by itself. Feeeeed allllll of your ram to infinite flight lol

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I don’t know the reason why the game becomes laggy that’ll be something the developers know. However as said in the post it’s a known issue and the devs are trying to fix it ASAP!

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Ok I’ll try on my next flight

Its for sure not for no reason… like for almost all issues, there will be something that triggers it… but for it to get fixed, the trigger has to be found first, and I guess the Devs are doing exactly that. give them a bit of time. I know its annoying, happens to me too, but we cant change it right now real quick.

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Mine did that this morning, for me it is usually when there is a lot of ATC talk or the white squares that show up where a plane is.

My guess is that while you’re running IF-A and IF-O in the background while screen recording which may take-up some frames along with running the app itself that your iPhone couldn’t handle it all. Plus, it seems you had your graphics settings somewhere around medium to high which also may have impacted your performance.

Ah it’s probably the added screen recording I don’t normally have that everything else is normal

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