Can someone explain?

So I was climbing out of KATL in a B748. I set my autopilot to M0.87 and Altitude 35000. Everything was fine but at around 31000 MSL, the plane started shaking violently left and right. The throttle was at 100% yet my airspeed was dropping and the plane started losing altitude.

I disengaged the autopilot and tried to restart autopilot, but it didn’t work. This is where I am now, slowly dropping altitude and unable to gain airspeed despite 100% throttle and still banking left and right. Help?

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You are climbing too fast at that altitude and didn’t have enough thrust to maintain which caused you to stall.

You need to step climb and reduce your vertical speed.


But I disengaged autopilot and tried to fly level manually, and it’s still dropping airspeed

In heavies, it’s best to level off around 30,000 to 33,000 feet, burn off some fuel and step climb. If you lower your vertical speed you should be able to maintain your climb to cruise and the 747 will cruise fine at Mach .84 to .86.


Alright I’ll try that. Thanks

Have a look here for more details :)


The B747 goes crazy at that alt when it’s heavy. More so than the other heavies so yeah step climb but at lower alts like Chris suggested.

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