Can someone explain what this means?

Do a transition at OTBH, and then land at OTBH.

This is for recruitment at a VA and I didn’t quite understand this, can someone please explain this to me?


Basically means you will flyover the airport in towers airspace and then enter the pattern to then land at the airport


Thanks a lot! You saved me from embarrassing myself lol.

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You can often find answers to your questions in the #tutorials category :)

Here’s one explaining transition:

Once ATC gives you an altitude after you request transition, you can fly over the airport at or above the given altitude.

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But I don’t seem to understand the landing part

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What do you not understand about it? You fly over OTBH, which is the transition part. Once you have flown over you descend to pattern altitude, then enter downwind. From there you fly a normal pattern and land.

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Transition the airspace at least 1000ft above pattern altitude. You basically fly above the airport (at or above 2500agl) Then enter downwind and fly a normal pattern (see picture). This is how they want you to fly to OTBH (My guess). Red line indicates transition from the east, green line west.


This is a bit confusing because a transition implies that you are NOT intending on landing at that airport (at least how the term is coined when using ATC). If it’s a non-towered airport, that’s just how you enter the preferred pattern from the opposite side


Thank you so so much, appreciate it a lot!

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