Can someone explain what’s going on at JFK

Found this at one of JFK’s hangars near 22L. Looks like a green rusty DC10 or MD11 with airport fire fighters and EMT’s near it.

Expert server, KTEB-KJFK-KISP


i think its something that they use to train firefighters

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Nice find! That is for firefighting practice!

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Oh that’s really cool. It’s always fun to find little details the devs add to the game.


"Its known as Attention To Detail " And the devs nailed it! <3


They’re just practicing the fire drill

Fire drill practice. Located in between 22L & 22R; exactly where I see them do it in real life. I work right near 22R and can see the fire drills from my window

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Those are also present across many 3D airports, such as EGLL and EGKK!

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Basically it’s what they use for training fire fighters so it’s the front of a 747 paired up with the rear of a DC-10

2 planes I’ll always remember

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