Can someone explain to me this bug?

OK so I heard about this bug that many people are complaining about. I think its called the point calibration bug or something like that and that it’s almost impossible to fix. Can someone tell me the name and what it does.

i never heard of that bug, maybe people din’t calibrate it correctly and though it was buggy

Never heard of this? Maybe elaborate a bit on what the effects are? :)


You just need to fly at normal speeds and not try to go supersonic in an aircraft not meant to do so. :) Maintain a cruise speed less than 600kts and you will be fine.

Hey look! I remembered when I wrote that! Thats… actually… why I made this account… Welp!

I remember in what I read it said there is a bug that the farther you fly away from an airport it messes with the flight physics or something like that and it has to do with the “points” on the physics of the sim

Floating Point? I’m waiting for it to be aired on Myth or Busted to get an answer.

Yeah yeah it’s called floating point can you explain what it does @GatwickGuy

@Benny87654321 You already know what everyone knows. (It’s called floating point and it create problem the longer you fly.) until someone has inside knowledge or Philippe comes out and tell us what it is, nobody knows what floating point is.

So nobody really knows what is then?

Floating point: a term for decimal numbers in computing/mathematics (as opposed to Integer, or whole numbers). The problem is that while floating point numbers are theoretically infinite, their computer representations are always finite - that is, there’s a certain number of decimal places that the number will go up to and no more. There are several types of precision that programmers use, depending on the requirements of their application, with the ‘double’ often being the highest (64-bit size - look up what that means in your own time). C#, the language used in IF, also has a special 128-bit format that’s less commonly used - just mentioning it for trivia.

What this means, is that in all calculations there will be some small rounding up that constantly occurs, and introduces tiny errors. For most applications this is generally not a problem, these errors are trivial and often aren’t seen at all. However, if you have a cumulative calculation (for example, a long flight distance; bear in mind this is a really simple example and in IF there would be other factors in this calculation as well), these errors will become significant and manifest in the ways that you’ve seen, like the shaking, and until one of the recent updates - displaced runway markings (this fix is a really good sign, btw). This is what’s meant by floating point precision errors.

Because it’s due to the way how computers store numbers, there’s no easy fix. Using a larger number format will also make all the calculations slower, - which for a real-time application like a flight sim can be problematic. While not impossible to fix, it’s just complex, because of how many factors must be accounted for and handled in a way that works in the context of the application, and in a way that doesn’t adversely affect normal operation of the app.

That’s the issue in a nutshell, - how it’s solved, we’ll just have to wait and see.


Wow I didn’t know how complicated this big was until you explained it

The further you fly.

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That Bobbing my friend is the result of extreme speed. Slow down a bit :)

Nono I know what it is now I was talking about the floating point bug.