Can someone explain this?

What is the
oat 9c

And the

GS 0

Sorry just realised what the GS and M thing is. But what is the oat thing?

outside air temperature


Oh thanks. Solved

Is the c Celsius

yes, hence the “c”

If you are on the ground at an airport it should match the temperature in the METAR


does the temperature make a difference to flight

Just making sure 😉

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Yes. If the weather is colder, the engines will have better performance, than if the weather is warmer.

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ok thanks…

Is this modelled in IF though? I wasn’t sure whether it is or not so whether the temperature makes any difference in IF?

I haven’t tested this, but I think so.

I’m pretty sure it does, I’ve tried it in Solo

This is functional on IF.

Here is neat experiment… Use a C172 and depart runway 33 at Aspen (KASE). First depart at 10°C, then try 40°C. At that heat you’ll nearly need full runway to manage a 300fpm climb.

In RL many props get stuck there until winter or have to time their departures perfectly for the right temperature to depart.


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