Can someone explain this?(LiveFlight)

I did not know that IF added WW aircraft 😂.

Ask @Cameron

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It’s an aircraft LiveFlight doesn’t recognize.

Considering they’re at Cologne, I’m going to make an educated guess that they’re in the DHL 777F.


Yeah probably. I think EDDK is their departure ICAO. I think they are flying somewhere else.

This is normal when the devs and mods fly aircrafts that are not in the game/being beta tested


Aah, so 2 weeks ago, there were 5 planes over Russia that were Devs testing something?

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And that was after the 772 update

So we might be getting more planes for 20.2!

It doesn’t mean a new aircraft is coming in any way. This image appears when an aircraft cant be recognized.


Ok, thanks. I was actually posting this for a friend who does not have an IFC account(I don’t think)

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Sorry to shut you guys all down on your speculation party…

This is exactly what it is:

KA1 - BerGen is flying an aircraft and livery that is publicly released and available to everyone - The Boeing 777-200ER

Cameron hasn’t had the opportunity to update LiveFlight since the 20.1 Update due to his hard work being a developer for Infinite Flight. When an update introduces new aircraft or new aircraft liveries, they appear as “unknowns” on LiveFLight. In this case, KA1 is flying the brand new; and very beautiful Nordwind Airlines Livery!


Oh yeah, I forgot LF doesn’t pick that one up either… lol

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