Can someone explain Boeing 787s pitch at cruising altitude?

I frequently fly the 787s and have noticed at 28kMSL and above the aircraft nose lifts up significantly while holding steady altitude. Is this part of the engineering of these aircraft for them to fly like this ? Or is it a flaw within the simulation? It’s the only aircrafts I noticed that do this unless you are at ceiling altitude with the others. I messed with the flaps a couple of times at cruising altitude by bringing them to 5degrees, which lowered the nose to “normal” pitch, and it actually lowered the engine power as if it was creating less drag than with the no flaps nose pitch.

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Yes it is. The drramliner cruises at a very high nose pitch. That’s just how it is.


It cruises at the pitch because the engines need to be perpendicular to the ground as when the plane is taxing the engines face a little downwards this way the dreamliner cruises with the pitch to keep the engines perpendicular to the ground or even with the ground.


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You answered a question I didnt even know I had! 😂

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