Can someone confirm this?

I would like to know, does anyone know if the 777’s are getting wing flex and a re-worked cockpit? This is not a duplicate because I’m not requesting the feature (although devs could you think about adding this?) I just want some answers. This is only because the 777-200ER is my favourite plane and I would really like to see this! I just want someone to confirm it or hint on it. Thanks guys!😄 IDK?


I’m not sure, I hope so too as the 777 is my favorite. Only one can dream ! ;^)


It will one day get wing flex and a re-worked cockpit. This time around on the recent update only the Physics of the aircraft got updated, and of course Auto-Land was added to it. I’m sure they will get to it in the future when they have time. Remember, they’re a small team and have a huge list of things that need to be done.


The B777 was reworked slightly in the B787 update so no I don’t think it will come anytime soon, the B787 is the only plane that will have it for quite a while. Nothing new in terms of planes will likely come out until global flight which everyone wants


No. its not getting any as far as I know.

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