Can someone check an airport for me, I don’t have IF Live

Hi guys, it’s been about a year since I’ve had Infinite Flight Live, and since then my local airport has had a brand new runway built and I was wondering if someone could tell me wether it’s been added to Infinite Flight

YBSU is the airport

As you can see in this old satellite image, the new runway 13/31 is being built.

Would be much appreciated if someone can do this.




This would be a job for IFAET. Hold on, I’ll get a photo of the airport for you

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As it appears, no.

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I know they can do that. This is a quicker way for me to confirm its in the game thx 👍

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Ahh thanks mate, I’ll wait a little while longer, see if some of my old community mates still edit airport or how ever it works these days.

Thanks guys

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Well, in order for IFAET to add new things like runway’s, they need the proper imagery. It may take awhile for the imagery to come

None of our sources contain the completed runway, so we’ll have to wait until images come.

I do know that mate from what @MJP_27 said but thank you for further confirming that point

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Isn’t there a certain place these get tagged so the airports team can go in and do there magic?

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Happy to see your back Mavic! You were my If Photography Inspiration back in 2018-19. As said though, the Editing Team are unable to edit anything regarding the runway until the geometry is updated :(


Hey Blitz! 👋 haha glad to see your still a regular helping the community, might post an occasional photo here or there from now but I’m honestly not as good as other people these days, only thing I was good at back then was getting the perfect shot without being able to pause on Live 😆.

Yeah thanks for that though, I’ll just have to be patient and wait for google maps to update their satellite imagery.


What’s the regulations on throwing a drone up there outside the airspace and getting it yourself? 😆