Can someone also help me with departing

I always wonder to see what way I’m departing example if I go from lax 24L and go to sfo or more like Seattle or Portland how I can tell what way I depart and thx for my other topic everybody such as @Balloonchaser also @Chatta290 and @azeeuwnl and last @niks.goen

If you’re asking what you click after you say “departing” in Unicom or Active ATC, it just means the direction you intend to leave the airspace. If you take off from KLAX 25R, and turn sharp left, you’d be heading south. Straight out is if you don’t change heading until you’re out of the airspace. North, well, is north. It’s just the direction in which you leave :)


I get it now thx for your help

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in simple always see the blue circle of airspace around the airport. and in which direction you leave the blue circle with reference to the airport.

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