Can somebody please help me

I am at grade 4 with many many flight hours buth How can i play safety video(sound) for passengers before take off? Thank You.

I believe there is a 3rd party app for that, called IFPassengers

Hello, there is a third party app which currently has boarding music and safety videos, which is Infinite Passengers like mentioned above. However, do note that the app is not officially supported by Infinite Flight.


I use an app called Infinite Flight Crew to run boarding music and safety videos in the background while preparing for my flight pushing back etc. But I don’t think that app is available anymore.

I believe Infinite Passengers does a similar thing but its never worked for me

I can recommend using the app „Documents“. Download the app, go to inside the app and paste the link of the safety video you found on YouTube. Press „mp3“ and download the file where ever you want it to have in the app. Before your next flight just start playing it from the mentioned app. It’s like listening to Spotify.

It’s free and it works on iOS / iPadOS. You can download all safety videos without limitations.

Documents is normally used to download files from the internet to have them offline but using downloaded mp3 files as safety video sound does the job as well :)


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