Can some one of you please tell me how to land a F/A-18

I tried to land a F/A18 for a few times now but it keep bouncing up and crush for some reason, an absolutely newbie here someone please teach me how to land it much appreciate y’all the best.

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Key is to have the perfect speed, and to just barely flare ;)


Keep the speed to minimums with flaps all down and right amount of flare. It will take practise though

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Thanks for the answers, what speed do you recommend for it? The problem occurred when I trying to land it on 145-135 kts.

Thanks, I’ll try working on that. If you be so kind to tell me of your preferred speed while landing this jet?

I strongly recommend the following to get started:

1)go to solo mode with the f18
2)put the wind slider on zero wind speed
3)select the short final option(make sure you started off with controls calibrated)
4)short final puts you at a good speed and lined up so just try and keep it as straight as possible and give small amounts of power ONLY if you lose too much speed
5)the FPV (small circle in the HUD view):
a)it is below the horizon showing you are descending, it needs to be below the horizon but don’t
let it fall too far below, because you have to bring it up almost to the horizon which will make your landing smooth without a bounce
6)repeat the short final option over and over until you develop the feel for pulling the circle up to the horizon, gradually, and just at the right time.

100% guarantee it will work with some repetitive practice.

Then when you can do this, try flying freely to copy the short final set up you’ve been practicing.

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The short version: solo mode, short final option, just pull the little circle to the horizon (hardly need to touch power)

I just tried again several times. Verified no bounce.

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I would probably start by flying the other fighter jets in this order to get used to their physics: (A-10) ==> F-14 ==> F-16 ==> F/A-18

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for a such detailed tutorial

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I tried landing all 5 of the jets (including F22) and F18 was the only one I had issues while landing

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Yeah the physics are severely outdated. Just fly the other jets until the Super Hornet is released.

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