Can some one help me

I found this on live flight today and was this coming with global this is legitimate and you can find it on live flight right now if you want to

We’ve seen this many times ;)

I’m sure that we will hear more about it publicly soon.

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It is an aircraft unrealeased to the public.
That is just something Cameron put in to disguise aircraft,

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What is it do you know

Why is it not getting released to the public it would be so cool

Could be a surprise with the Global release. Keep your fingers crossed 🤞

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@Qantas737guy he’s flying to PER


Possibly BA 77W considering coming from EGLL.

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Yeah I was thinking that and I doubt an MD11 could fly that far

So why is it not a photo of a 77w

There are new liveries coming on the 77W that haven’t been uploaded onto the LiveFlight app


Oh ok i was getting excited that they whould be cool new planes to fly

If you click the link you can see confirmed things in then update. The BA 777-300ER has been confirmed me and @Qantas737guy we’re commenting on how it could be a British Airways 777 due to its departure from Heathrow (EGLL). The LiveFlight Developers haven’t added a picture to the Unkown Aircraft so instead they have used a funny picture to disguise it. However it may be another aircraft we don’t know about…


so might it be sth like md-11?


You never know :) we can’t speculate


There are new planes (MD11 and DC10) currently being tested however, they won’t be in the upcoming update, they will be after (but we don’t know and exact date)


yea ok, I will stop guessing, leave it secret and with surprise :)

@moderators does this need to be closed now?

Yes let’s wait and see :)

Guys, firstly can we please stop speculating and use the linked tread above for all confirmed updates incoming.

Secondly, can we make sure that we research a post properly prior to posting? This screenshot from the OP has been submitted hundreds of times.

Sorry to sound like a grump!!