Can some one contact @FlyingPitz for me

i dmmed him asking if i can just use 7L at HKG since he arrived just as I was crossing threshold to take off at 7L, i wont even have anough fuel to get to syd with what ill be using to taxi to other side

its not crowded whatsoever anyway


Controllers usually don’t check the IFC while they’re controlling.

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is there a special IFATC chat that some one can vouch for me?

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You can restart your flight with extra fuel.


Before you enter the runway simply put the brake on and add fuel.


If you won’t have enough fuel to taxi from one side of the airport to the other than you don’t have enough fuel packed. This reminds me of the quote by Bob Carter, “Poor planning on your part does not necessitate an emergency on mine.” So, I recommend packing enough fuel before you leave the gate or do what Chris suggested above.


If you don’t have enough fuel to taxi to the other end of the runway you probably don’t have enough fuel to reach Sydney in the first place :)


uhm, no, i planned for taxi to opposite end of runway ONCE without traffic. It was more of an annoyance since i practically lined up for 7L

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I understand your frustration but when fuel planning you have to put many things in mind including:

  1. wind direction: if you are expecting strong crosswinds or headwind you should add more fuel because that’s going to reduce your speed and in return the power setting is going to get higher trying to maintain cruising speed and as a result you will burn more fuel.

  2. you should add at least 30mins of reserve fuel incase of a holding pattern at the arrival airport (when arriving to an ATC controlled airport)

  3. if you are expecting a long taxi line , you should add more fuel

I like to add at least 1:30 of reserve fuel and that varies depending on multiple factors!!

that’s it enjoy your day!!!

there was no ATC and no traffic for practically the entire time i was on ground. but anway he let me take off from 7L (right after i just finished adjusting my FP for 25R lol) but we gucci now

lovely to hear, enjoy your flight!!!

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