Can See Airport/Landing Strip through Island or Grass

Hello IFC hope you all are doing well! Loving the 22.3 update. Although

I found this while landing on a grass airstrip in a Q-400 (Generic Today). Is this a bug? Just thought to post this if it was!

Airport: HI27
Route: PHNL-HI27
Device: IOS Apple Iphone SE (2020)


Hi, Ry!

The developers are aware of this “issue” as it’s been around for quite some time. Philippe touched on this some time ago in an AMA.

It was actually there before global too IIRC. It has to do with the virtually infinite view distance we offer in IF (more than any other sim, even MSFS2020). It is a side effect of the choices we made to make that possible. It is fixable, we just haven’t gotten around to it. The focus is indeed on Project Metal for anything Graphics Related. It should help in the sense that we will have more options to fix it.

Rest assured, this is on their radar and will be addressed when able.

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Awesome thanks @Zachary!

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