Can seaplanes be possible to add into infinite

Not a request of anything but I’ve been wondering if like seaports can be possible to add on like in real life with sea planes or something with runways been water


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Possibly yes, gonna happen in the next couple years probably not

I don’t know how possible this is just because of device capabilities but this would be so cool to have in IF.

It’s possible but will probably never come to infinite flight. But I would love to see it in the game

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe it would be possible based on the IFAET team software. However then the issue would exist of modeling docks, or other places to park.

This would be tricky to add. You’d need a database and data for a lot of seaports around the world, water needs textures and needs to be able to flow with the areas conditions (ex. Wind direction and velocity), depth of certain locations has to be taken into account which is more data. Currently Infinite Flight’s ocean and water is all straight from their provider with scenery and it’s just flat. Do I see this happening now? No. Hopefully Project Metal can help implement this in the future. It’s something that needs a lot of planning and research to go into it. It may also be a device killer with water graphics and textures.

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Unfortunately, it might not come for a while.

But in the meantime, you could try these:

  • Use Google Earth to make a waypoint and mark a seaport
  • Land at the waypoint with a Caravan or Cub

I don’t know, just thinking.


The XCub could work not sure for the C208 since I will literally crash into the sea

…Anything (realistic) is possible with enough time and money.


Infinite Flight Subscription Price shoots up to $199.99 a year

Like the others have said, at some point it may be possible. But for now and the near future, I personally don’t see it as a possibility.

I will be taking donations should this happen.

To answer the topic, it would be nice to see sea planes and the likes in IF, but obviously the water physics would need to be taken care of first, among other things. Time’ll tell!

Well the water textures back in pre global is a close one

Yup. Pre-global water was very nice

Not at the moment. I think if seaplanes and seaports are added to IF, then the water textures have to appear more realistic etc. For example, the water in IF right now is basically a flat blue surface.

What does this have to do with the Infinite Flight Aviation Experts? Do you mean IFAET?

(technically speaking, they already are, just do a sully!) but for me personally if there is a physical sea to land in/on i don’t think that’ll happen

holy ___ why did i not think of using google earth to find a waypoint coordinate before. thx

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Negative ghost rider. We dont have any seaplane spawns in our software and other “seaplane” type tools. Anyways, IF’s water is flat and you can literally land on it, its just blue flat land technically.

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That’s the main point in my opinion. (And it has been the same pre-global.) Please don’t do it on Expert, but you can land on water in IF (speed violations may happen).

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