Can players from Android or IOS play with users on PC?

Hey guys, I was wondering about this question because whenever I go on a server today the server only has 1 person on with me.

There is currently no PC version of Infinite Flight, so not sure what you are referring to?


Hmm it’s likely you don’t have the latest update.

What device do you use?

Oh I am sorry about this I thought there was a PC version however do you know why there is only 1 player on a server with me today, is it my connection or is it because no-one is only. I am confused. Thank you for your time. :)

Please tell us the device and OS you have. Also, please update your IF to the newest version. Thanks!

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Updating now I am so great full for this reply, have a great evening Arjun!

It’s possible that there was just no one near you as the map only shows planes within a certain radius. :)

If you are looking for other users, go to traffic heavy airports like EGLL, KLAX and KJFK.

Yep of course, please let us know if this works. This update includes:

  • New MD-11 and F version, DC-10 and F version
  • Big Fixes
  • New Servers (TS 2, Expert 2, Casual 2). This is why you can’t see everyone. You’re on a different server
  • Refueling abilities
  • iPhone X Support