Can Play with vpn

Can you play with VPN on your device

I suppose so if you are still connected to WiFi.


Yes wifi on vpn

Confused why ur asking us just try it yourself and you will get ur answer :)

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Per my knowledge, yes, you can, but according to Seb, a VPN “will often block the necessary UDP ports for a successful connection to the live server.”

So, in essence, it may work, but it may be spotty most of the time.

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I don’t see an issue with users asking a question. There can be reason why some are a bit hesitant to test it out as issues can arise.


I’m sure you can play with a VPN, as there is no reason why you can’t. It may just effect a few things.


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Making sure I can play on VPN network on Wi-Fi

As I stated, no reason you can’t.

If your asking if you can play on a vpn with no WiFi connection except the vpn I’d say no you can’t. With WiFi or a hotspot yes.

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