Can pilots operate a flight manually?

I fly in if and I do all of my flights manually I now would like to know if you can operate manually in real life for a whole flight can you guys tell me if you have experience doing that or if it’s allowed

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Depends on the plane

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Most training aircraft do not have autopilot; therefore, requiring you to hand fly the entire flight. As for the heavier metal like that of the airlines and corporate side of the industry, the aircraft are flown by hand for the takeoff, and landing phases of flight. During cruise, aircraft are separated by 1000 feet whether you believe it or not. The time it takes for an aircraft traveling 500mph+ across the ground or 280kts IAS to climb 1000 feet is less than a few seconds. Pilots do not have the precision to fly at a given altitude, and something that size for a given period of time. Depending on the flight. Because there are errors, the pilots also must know how to fly the aircraft in the event of a such failure.


Boeing 777-200 one plane that has a lot of things that are operated by Auto pilot

I’m sure a real pilot in the community can answer this but my answer would be technically yes they can since there isn’t anything stopping them from doing so (except maybe company rules). Airline pilots have so much do though and autopilots takes the work load off of them. Imagine having to fly manually for a two hour flight trying to maintain the correct speed, altitude and heading. Certain situations do require pilots to take over sometime such and an engine out or extreme turbulence for example. Again, I’m just speaking in terms of airliners/jets here and I am not a pilot.

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Thank you very much this did help I’m only young so I wouldn’t know thanks check out my profile @Lx_D

Autopilot is much more precise and safer than pilots flying by hand. It is needed in airliners but for training aircraft it is more beneficial for the trainee to hand fly the whole flight

in some ways but i prefer hand flying

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Yup. Hand flying seems much more enjoyable as well for short flights/patterns

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it definitely is. good stick and rudder skills

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It’s not allowed, you’re required to use autopilot in RVSM airspace (FL290-410) if I recall correctly.

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