Can Pilot Not Takeoff Due To Unsafe Conditions

I was recently flying (PG) and was given take off clearance when a plane was about to land. When I looked for him, he was 1NM out and I could clearly see him, and obviously would of hit him while taxing onto the runway, but controller told me to takeoff imediently, I said correction, stand by, and let the other plane land, then after getting clearance again, took off. Was this the right thing to do?

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Take off immediately is for those type of situations. I don’t knownif there’s a general distance rule IRL for those things.

Yes, if you think that there is a danger with you taking off or rolling onto the runway (i.e. Your situation) then you could remind the atc that the aircraft is there or deny atcs instruction and say stand by. Another time you could do this is if lets say your the aircraft that was on final and the guy that was landing was you and the clearance was given. Depending on how close you are to the runway, you could remind atc that your on final (if your lets say about 4nm from the runway) or in your situation, if I was the guy, I would have gone around.

I didn’t trust him, as he gave the plane behind takeoff clearance while I was still taxiing onto the runway.

He wouldn’t have been able to take off if the guy was on short final (1nm)


In my opinion, you did the right thing. Do, the ATC should have attended first the arrival, then the departure. My opinion… Good question…


You should have used “Standby” instead of “Correction, standby”.

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Ok, I will use that next time.

You absolutely did the right thing, a plane 1nm out on final is far to close for you to get out and take off before he/she lands. Even when you are cleared to enter a runway by a controller always check the approach. If you are cleared for take off with landing traffic less than 3-4nm I would say that is too close and you should hold position.