Can people stop taxiing onto the runway when somebody is on final?

Note: this was on CASUAL SERVICE
Hello Infinite Flight Community. This morning I was doing some pattern work at YPPH. I was an final and I had announced it. There was somone holding short of the runway I was landing at and I thought, great he is letting me land. So I continued, then when I was at 500ft (not sure) he started to taxi onto the runway. I should have went around but I could not be bothered. landed with this close call below.

I just want people to start checking there radar before taxing on to an active runway.

I do know that I should have went around.

My very close call
I did not hit him as surprising as it is


Sorry, there isn’t something we can do as its on training server.

Casual service

That’s even worse. The casual has no rules so they can do whatever they want.

My advice: Go to expert


I just want to spread awareness for people to check before taxi

I’m grade 1. Hopefully not long

About what? People are not acting professionally on casual server?

go to expert server when you get to Grade 3. You won’t regret it ;)


Things will never change especially on casual it’s basically a free roam you can do whatever you want that’s the point of casual

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Cant whate until I move up. I have 11 landings, 14 more and am out of casule to training

There is not much you can do on the casual server. We all know that the causal server is not as professional as the expert server or the training server (sometimes). But hey, the good thing about casual is you get to see many Tokyo driftings, very close calls, people escorting others for random reasons, two or more people landing at the same time and many more shenanigans that make it fun!

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Sometimes I see people levitate on casule

Luckily you didn’t witnessed an f22 takeoff from stands. 😉

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Since we can’t do anything about this issue, your options are either to switch to a more professional server or go to a very small quiet airport away from anyone, that’s my ideal scenario for pattern work.


I think I might do that. Thanks


It’s also important to note that the casual server description states that the server is rule free but pilots are still encouraged to be respectful to other pilots, so if there’s a moderator near you on casual server, and another person has a disrespectful callsign or is behaving erratically towards others, that may not end very well for him, but there’s no actual way to “report” these pilots as moderators do not investigate casual server cases because honestly, there are way too many of these.


I’m now grade 2 so I’m saying goodbye to casule

This topic can be closed


Oh, wait. No.


No what. You said no

@Luke_King-kong Tim is saying you should of went around instead of landing with another plane on the runway :)