Can or do longhauls damage your battery?

I have a huawei P20 and I fly longhaul maybe once a week, do those longhauls damage the phones battery because of me charging it overnight while running IF?

No, I’ve done many long hauls in the past with my 6S Plus hooked to the charger. I’ve never experienced issues with the battery apart from the usual battery degradation over time.

Just to add; make sure you enable “low power mode” in Infinite flight and keep your screen brightness to a minimum. Also make sure to have good air circulation around the device. These steps will help to prevent overheating.


The only thing I’ve done over my concerns are to lower screen brightness and to use scenic cam oh and to make status bar disappear to not risk screen burn. But that’s just me

Essentially during the winter (Because here it gets what we call very cold) I will put it near a window, and on a stone counter that gets pretty chilly…


My iPad is almost brand new and i have Lost 4-5 h of battery bc of Long Hauls… Thats why i fly SH and MH with heavy planes and pretend i have flown 15h etc.

May I ask what ipad you have? Ipad air etc

Just the iPad (2017)(the succesor for air 2)

Well thats a quit old Ipadd I think the neew devices can handle this better

You have already asked me this question like 5x times.
No, it won’t affect your battery in any way. It’s just a normal app, which uses more battery than some other apps.

We can have an estimate of how long to expect them to last, battery longevity is measured by charging cycles. A phone battery is typically designed to last around 500 to 600 cycles, and a cycle is defined as charging a completely dead battery to 100% then draining it to zero again. Charging a battery that has 50% charge left on it, then draining it back to 50% is a partial cycle, which is why you’ll hear people telling you to charge your battery before it gets low and also hear people telling you the opposite as ways to game the system and stave off that 500th cycle. Of course, it doesn’t work that way because the battery doesn’t actually count the number of charge cycles. Five hundred is just an estimate.

Android phones usually lose 5% of their “health” after using it for one year. However, Apple devices can lose up 20% of their “health” after using it for one year.

You always worry too much Ilan. Just enjoy flying! :)


If you live in a warm and hot climate, try lowering your graphics to prevent device getting overheated. Place it under a fan or Air Conditioner to prevent overheating and bulging of your battery.

It Also depends on if you have your device plugged in. The Lithium batteries used in phones, computers and tablets generally do not like going flat and should be kept at 20% or more. This is more long term effects so don’t worry if it happens a few times. In short: No, it should not hurt the battery and you can keep the device plugged in all the time if you so wish.

Lower your graphics if you live in warm climate and follow the recomendations that the manufacturer have for your device.

I’m not sure if it actually works well but I use “All in One” Toolbox and it says it either does fast charge, continuous change or trickle Charger to save battery life

Did someone mention Long Hauls? Hehe, that’s my middle name. Long Hauls are the only thing i do, and for the past 6 months doing more than 300 long hauls flights while having my device plugged up to charge, i haven’t noticed anything negative on the batteries side.

I think @Starley explained it very well and you should take his words in to count. And also what @dush19 said as well, if you live in a region where the climate is hot then lowering your graphics will help your device to not overheat.

But overall to answer your main question. Long Hauls does not whatsoever in any way at all, affect your battery life. Your device will naturally lose a certain amount of percentage of its health over time whether you fly long hauls or not. That the circle of life for our modern day technology, they lose energy naturally.


Mr android guy says;

Your battery with be fine. Unless you feel the need to rapidly charge and discharge it, you will have no issue. My Sony Xperia z3, which is about 4yrs old, still has about 95% of its original battery capacity left, and I’ve been using that phone for all kinds of flights.
The Huawei p20 is considerably better than an old Xperia.