Can only message when flagging

I can only send a message from my phone when flagging a post the others won’t send IPhone 5S 8.4.1

To be honest, I can’t get my head around this question. Can you explain bit more?

You will send a PM to the moderators by choosing Something Else as explanation.

So when you flag a post it gives you the option if it’s off topic, inappropriate ect or something else and you can send a message. Non of that works other then sending a message it lets me select it but then you hit the flag button and nothing happens. So I have to message them on things I should be able to click on.

Happens also to me on the iPad.
On the iPhone 6 (mobile site) it works well all the time.

You have to scroll up the page or wait a few seconds…

@Laurens ok I’ll try that next time

All works fine for me. Check your internet. Which browser you are using?

I’m on my phone so safari

Everything fine on safari, try to post and flag in test category. Do you want me to post one for you?

I don’t think you can flag your own post

I flagged my own post once when I was running a test with sir BBJMAX

We got it handled Lauren’s trick worked I guess I’m just impatient