Can only land one aircraft well

Don’t you all have like 1 or 2 fleets of aircraft you can land well and are just either a staller, slammer or floater on all other aircraft in game.
For me I can only grease the 777s or the a220.
I slam the 737,
I stall the 757 and I float the a380.

What is it/ are they for you?


I slam every aircraft but I don’t really care about butter landings. I aim for the touchdown zone and centerline mainly


Ye usually get centreline and touchdown zone fine. Just love to have a nice smooth landing after rly over 7-8hrs of cruise.
I’m useless when correcting crosswinds on to or landing tho ha.


It took me awhile to get confident with the 737 fleet, now I usually average -70fpm on landing. The 757 is a tricky one, especially with crosswinds! But leaving the power in until the 20 or 10ft callout helps for smoother touchdowns. All about practice, I try flying at different weights in solo to get a general “ballpark” idea of how the aircraft handles before heading to the expert server for an online flight.

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I butter the following: 737 777 787 757 A319/20 A330 E175 Q400

I slam the following: A350 A321 A220 747

I float the following: A380 ( I float but also butter ) 767 A340

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@Prestoni, you are the master of the 757.


Why thank you

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For me the 777 always stalls for me even though I’m landing at like150 kts

I grease the 737-900, 747-8 and the 757
I stall the DC10, MD11
slam the a380, a340, a320
And float the 787, 767, A350l

I butter the A350………. That’s all.

Flap 30°
Appr speed 145/150kts
Thrust idle at 30
Flare at 20
Fly it down
Works a charm for me

Guess everyone’s different tho


I stopped using the HUD a while ago and I do my landings in the cockpit view only. That’s a big challenge. The one I can handle the best is the A330 … but I force myself to make every landing the best one possible.
Sometimes it works, sometimes not. No passenger was harmed tho.


I can the A350, A330, A220, 777 and 787 well. The A380’s a WIP, and I don’t fly narrowbodies often enough to land them super well. The 737 feels like a brick.

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I have this problem every time but i’ve learned a trick to use.

If I focus too hard on trying to land good i end up getting too confident and end up smashing into the ground.

If I don’t focus much on my landing and more so just getting to my destination I tend to have a smoother landing.

The main aircraft’s I can land better in are, A220, A320 series, A340, A350, B737 Series & the 717. Not too be cocky but I am quite the expert with flying the 717.

FYI you could use the hud in the cockpit view Is under the interface section

I do that all the time

I can butter every plane but i always crash the spitfire


F-16 is definitely my go to plane haha 😂

I won’t use it anymore (realism purposes)


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