Can one IF account be played with ipad and android device (Not same time)

Hi! Im having real hard time figuring out can i actually have my account logged on two separate devices. Now im playing with android phone and would like to try ipad, but i want to continue with same account. I guess i would have to buy IF from app store, but does my live subscription still work on both devices or do i need to buy it also again?

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From experience you need to buy it on the play store again, but after that yes you can have the same account on both of them

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No, you won’t have to buy another subscription. You can use the same subscription on both devices.
You just have to buy the app again and then log-in with the same account (but just as you mentioned in the title: not at the same time!)


In addition to what @Starley mentioned;

Make sure your account is linked.
As in linked to a Facebook or Google profile.

You can see this on your account page in the app, whether your have “Link account” as an option in the bottom right or not. If it’s not there, it’s linked. Then it’s just a matter of remembering to what.


Wow, thanks for the great and fast answers. You all really helped alot. This is the thing i like about IF community :)


Same! Its incredible the way the community works and the fact that the IF staff are actuly there to help you out ;)

Si, si se puede., yo así lo tengo en el celular y en el ipad.

Not really understanding, but thanks.

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