Can not upload replay?

I am a IFATC Officer and I was controlling at London Heathrow Approach and Departure. It was an incredible session so I wanted to share it with a few friends but it will not allow me saying that the file cannot be accessed. It only gives me the option of downloading it to my Google drive and I have tried other replays which have allowed me to use share my IF website. Is there anything I can do differently? A different website or method to share the replay?

Device: Android

Version of IF: most recent

Steps taken: multiple attempts / clearing drive storage / device restart and system update.

Thanks for reading

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You can try WeTransfer:

  1. Before you add a file, you must first have saved your replay locally to the device you’re on. So if you’re on iOS for example, share it from within Infinite Flight and click on “Save to Files”.
  2. Go to and click on “Send a file?”
  3. Tap or click on “Add your files”. From here you will go and retrieve the file that you saved in step 1 and upload it now.
  4. Once the replay has been uploaded, simply tap on “Next” and ensure that “Get a link” has been selected.
  5. Tap or click on “Transfer”. Tap on “Copy link”

Are you unable to save the replay to your files? Can you sent a screenshot of the error message?

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The error / did not change anything

We Transfer is not downloading the file either.

you can upload to a cloud server thus they can download and play it in the infinite flight.

I don’t have this option

New development:

I have now tried with multiple recent replays and none of them are able to be downloaded all of them saying not able to be accessed. I have tried to use share my if and we transfer

You just said it is downloading to your google drive.

Yes and that’s the only option it will give me no matter what I do

Anyone got the IF support link?

Situation has been solved by tech expert @ schyllberg

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Closed upon request