Can not spawn at Proper Hard stands and areas. Big issue!

Greetings! I am a dedicated cargo pilot in Infinite Flight, but recently after the 19.4.2 Update I have not been able to spawn at certain areas such as Cargo hard stands in certain aircraft like the B748 and B777 at a very large number of airports. The thing is I can not spawn at areas mean’t for the aircraft. Take Hong Kong Int(VHHH) for example, there is an entire hard stand area with over 30 spots to park and or to spawn at just for the B748F and B777F and I can’t spawn at any of them because my aircraft is too large even though those spots are mean’t for those kind of large aircraft, this was not an issue before! I’m really upset because it’s a large number of major airports I can not operate in and out of because of this issue.
(The image below shows exactly what i’m taking about at a lot of airports. In the image i’m trying to spawn in a B748F and the green circle shows the cargo area in which i’m supposed to spawn, made especially for very large aircraft and Notice the only place I can spawn is a Passenger terminal which is very unrealistic and I just cannot do that.)

Issue is being addressed. Thank you!

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