Can not reconnect back to server

Hello, I could not reconnect back to the server after I have lost connection. That has never happened before the update, happened twice now after 19.4. How can I to save my 5 hours long flight?

Which icon in the top right is yellow or red?

Hello, it’s red.

Press on it, you will see multiple icons. Which one is red? Live server? API? Weather? etc.

Live server appears to be red

Press on the live server red icon. See if that does anything for you.

Unfortunately it does nothing.

How long were you away from the app?

For about 20 seconds

Hmm it reconnects for me. Try turning on and off airplane mode to make it reestablish connections. Are you on cellular or wifi?

I am connected to a wifi

That did not work either. :(

What device are you using?

I’m using iPhone 7

Usually when we see this it was much longer than 20 seconds being disconnected. We will see what we can find. Your time and xp are updated at the last point you had a connection.

Alright. Thank you so much for your help, Chris. 🙏
I hope that the team will resolve this issue soon, it happened twice In 19.4 now, never before the update.

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