Can not invite others to PM's

As you can probably see in the photo there is a little box under the invite others part, even clicking on that little box does nothing.
I was wondering if I could get some possible help from someone and/if you have also had this happen to you.

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This should be in meta as it is a community bug not a IF bug.

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I think it has something to do with switching it to mobile view. Try that now

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Nope, didn’t work…

It Does that for me too on mobile. Probably just a discourse error.

I face this same bug on my iPhone 7+ but not my iPad Air.

It’s best to report this on Discourse Meta, though, if you have an account there. If not, create one. Be sure to leave explicit details about your device (OS, browser, ways to reproduce the problem, etc).


Works now! Thanks for the help @Aussie_Cockatoo!