Can not go on IF

Why I’m having trouble go on IF it’s say check my connection but my connection is not the problem

Try restarting your device and then relaunch Infinite Flight ;)


@Zach_inkling: What you said was already said my @Levet. Also there’s really no reason to suggest a re-download until they respond. Just give them a fighting chance. 😀

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Thanks, I’m using iPhone 7 for IF but I also have IF app on my iPhone10 and it’s work on my 10 but not 7 same iCloud

What happened after you restarted your iPhone 7? We’re you able to connect?

No still not. I even deleted the IF app and now I can’t re download it

Hmmm, yea I was hoping that you didn’t delete the app but it is too late. Could you sign out of the App Store on your iPhone 7 then sign back into the App Store then try downloading Infinite Flight after that.

Already signed out from my App Store and now I can’t sign back in

Okay, there is definitely something going on that is network related with your device then I’m afraid. Are you able to surf the web in a browser like Safari or Google on the iPhone 7? Are you on WiFi of cellular service?

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Yes I’m on WiFi it’s work fine

First, go ahead and try resetting your WiFi and then restart your phone. If that fails then you can reset your network settings on your phone pictured below:

Please Note: Apple iOS 13.2.2 came out, can you try updating your OS to that and then repeat the process for opening Infinite Flight and trying to enter the live servers if all of the steps above have failed.