Can Not fly over cellular Data

On my iPhone 6s, I can not fly on infinite flight over Celluar data. Data is turned on for IF and I have unlimited data. It gives me the red wifi symbol when trying to fly. Is it a problem, or will IF not allow people to fly over a cellular network?

Carrier related issue perhaps, @schyllberg?


You can fly with cellular data, but in many cases you need to decrease settings for it to keep up. If you’re in a moving car it becomes almost impossible.

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Hey! As Dush said, this could be Provider issues but you could first try the steps below which worked for users in the past with this issue.

  • Turning airplane mode or wifi on/off in your device settings
  • Restarting your device
  • Testing on a separate device
  • Deleting and reinstalling the app
  • Contact Schyllberg

I’m sure Seb will solve this for you! :)

Seb is the T-Mobile extrordinare!

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I have Tmobile, no I am not moving, and have good coverage

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@schyllberg will tell you what you have to do to rectify this. Have no fear or worries my friend ;)

Your cellular service provider has to manually open up a port to allow the connection to Infinite Flight. He has helped countless others do this. Standby

Call customer service and ask them to open Port:10100

This is a known issue when trying to access live with a T-Mobile device.


Thanks so much for the help! I will try this. Any way to fix this in the future so other people won’t have to call?

Unfortunately not on FDS’s end. This issue lies on the mobile carrier. They know ;)

Thanks for the help… Hope they fix it.

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Let us know when you are back on live. Be sure to follow their instructions and then I recommend that you restart/reboot the Infinite Flight App once they open the port.

Seb may know what to do but yes it’s a known issue isolated to this carrier.


The issue is caused by T-Mobile blocking the port used for Live when on a IPv6 connection.
There are a few solutions for this:
Call them and ask them to open up Port 10100.
Ask them to move you over to IPv4.
Use a VPN.

I recommend the first two options though, and that you only use a VPN as a last resort as VPN can be a bit unstable by nature.

Feel free to DM if you have any further questions!