Can not find an airport

I am looking for linyi airport (icao is ZSLY) and I cannot seem to find it on infinite flight. can anyone help? the mods or people that live in china as of right now may know more about this (maybe).

This airport dose not appear to be in IF. Does it happen to be under a different ICAO code?

Acoording to flight aware no

There is a chance that the airport may not have been added by the IFAET. Hopefully they can add it in the future.

it seems it has been open for a while (before global)


I’m a member of the Airport Editing Team.

I did a quick check in our database, and the airport in fact is present in it, it’s just that it hasn’t been edited. The airport will appear in the map but it will have nothing (no runways, no spawns, no taxiways, etc).

This is from the copy I have of the Airports folder in my laptop. Of course, the only solution is to redo it from scratch, I don’t know when this will happen, we’ll have to wait until someone takes it. We don’t force people to do airports, they’re free to choose them.

I hope this answers your question :)

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so it is in Infinite flight but I will not be able to find it in the search?

Ah now I see, even if it’s present in the database it won’t show up in the map, due to the reasons I stated above.

I thought that airports in the same state as ZSLY would appear anyway, with the only difference that it won’t have runways, spawns, etc. but I was mistaken.

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