Can not exit Pause screen

So, I was flying into KIAH while on descent I clicked the pause button so I could see the grade table to see how many more landings I needed for G4. When I exited the grade table I clicked “calibrate” when I did so, I had sound and the bottom bar but couldn’t move at all. I could see the aircraft moving in the back so my game didn’t freeze entirely. It is better described with a screenshot:

I couldn’t do anything after trying everything at the end I had to exit my app and close it as there was nothing I could do to fix it.
IPad Pro 12.9 64gb 35gb left
Latest iOS
Latest IF
I don’t know if this is more of a bug report or a device specific issue or what.

The same glitch happened to me…lol

It is possible that it resumed the aircraft moving but glitched and therefore left the pause screen overlay!

The devs may look into this but it is probably just an inconveniant glitch!

That may be the case but I tried hitting different buttons, changing the time, clicking end flight (which did nothing not even the pop up).

Try uninstalling and reinstalling IF

I’ve restarted the app and it goes away. It was the only way I did it.

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Hey thanks, and glad I helped you today! That’s my first solution by the way.

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Your welcome! It was actually the only thing that helped. And congrats 😊