Can Not Downloading Updates Cause Comm. Issues?

Does anybody know if I stop downloading updates (like if there not relevant to me) does that affect performance? Iv been losing out on comms lately and its getting to be annoying, I was in a holding pattern for an hour and a half just to troubleshoot and reroute bc I went NORDO.

I am still troublshooting and mabye it’s because I dont download the updates anymore?

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Also just to clarify, I dont update it anymore bc everytime that I do, I have to reset the joystick buttons (and there’s a lot of them).

Um…yeah you should probably start updating the app more. I know it’s tough with the joystick controls but it’s better than causing problems with IFATC controllers and losing connection. I would definitely recommend updating!

P.S. if your question is why your losing comms, I believe that’s an internet issue as well.

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Aircraft also always show as “unknown” as soon as I establish comms with ATC and I never exit out of the app nor do I have any interruptions. I’m running on 4g LTE (no data cap) and have never had an issue prior to the last month or so.

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Yeah, I completely understand what you’re going through. This has been a recurring issue and sometimes this happens when you exit out of the game or even check the time. If it keeps happening, try updating the game to its latest version as well as turn airplane mode on for about a minute. This should fix the problem as it always has for me. Also if you’re flying under IFATC and disconnect, you can always slide into their DMs and explain your problem.

I’m sure someone else can give a better fix but this is what I got right now :)

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Thank you for responding, @maeyo! I appreciate it a lot man.

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It’s completely my pleasure, thanks for giving me something to do tonight!

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We do highly recommend installing updates, even if they’re hotfixes, to minimise the risk of issues online.

That in itself sounds like another issue, we can investigate and find out what’s going on there, sorry about that!


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