Can not download infiniteflight on huawei

On new huawei devices there is no google play app or even google, that means huawei started to use “HUAWEI App Gallery” wich does not have infinite flight on it, the only way you can download youtube and google play is from an app called dualspace,but the google play on dual space does not have infinite flight. i have tried to download infinite flight from other website but that does not work either,when i enter tha app dowloaded from an other website it gets me out of infinte flight instantly. and it doe not even have the latest version,ihave a subscribtion on my old phone but i want to play on my new huawei phone! can someone help ? thank you.


Unfortunately Infinite Flight is not available on Huawei devices not using Google Play Store.
They may be changes to this in the future, with us being present in Huawei App Gallery but we’re not at that point right now.


Wait actually you can! Use this app

The app is called “ZAPYA” it’s an app- and data transfer app. You can transfer data from your old phone to your new one and it works. I’ve did this in Afghanistan were the internet and other resources were limited. Just download it from here: Zapya-Download
(Btw it works with Bluetooth, no root or jailbreaker involved!)

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