Can not connect to Melbourne Center

I was able to connect him at first but after about 30 mins, when I requested a decent to FL390, I got no response, so I tuned out and then I was not able to tune back in. Is this a bug or was I ghosted?

Hello mate,

What was your callsign?

Its Singapore 218

Hey Hinata! If you got issued a violation, you would have been disconnected from the live server, unable to see other aircraft on the map around you. So I think we can rule that out. Probably a frequency range issue.

Hello, so that means Iā€™m not ghosted. Maybe a problem on my end then

Melbourne and Brisbane center are currently being controlled from Canberra. The range for center is give or take around 400NM. You are outside of this range, therefore you are unable to tune in.


Oh I thought I was able to tune in from anywhere inside the white line. Thanks!

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I heard your requests but never actually came up on my strip to reply to you. You may have been out side my range when you contacted me

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No with the case of Melbourne Centre it is HUGE.

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Yah, it covers down to Antarctica!!

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