Can not change ATC fequency

Hi guys… I am stuck at LTFM at the end of runway 17 because I can not change the frequency to contact tower, I had tried to set the ATC volume to zero but when I click the tower it won’t take me to the tower frequency and I even can not back to ground frequency, the icon just keeps flashing but not working…

Could be related to this known issue, refer to this topic:

Usually issues relating to ATC happening right now are connected to this problem.

Well, I tried… but at least he can contact the tower… but I can’t.

If you restart the app, does the issue continue?

It could be because of a weird glitch. I had this issue before the widespread ATC issue going right now. But, you used to type NORDO for when you couldn’t contact a frequency. I don’t know what’s the next callsign is for when you can’t contact someone.

Emm… I don’t really like to suddenly disappear at the hold short, just wants to make the flight realistic…

Well if you can’t communicate with ATC, you might have to end the flight anyway. It will be hard to solve the problem without exiting the flight.

I don’t really know about this code… but I changed my callsign to 7600…

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Ok, that might work and let ATC know

Well… I think I will go ahead and exit the game then.

I think that’s a good idea because not being able to communicate with ATC could lead to miscommunications or a report.

If I were you I’d try to troubleshoot the problem with a friend on the training server rather then the expert server.


Yea exit the game still better than report

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Well, good idea.

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