can not buy the 777-200LR

i found out that i am not able to buy the 777-200LR. the price isn’t showen and if i want to buy it it says:
item not found,
can somone help me?
here are pictures:

IF: 787 update
Android: 6.0
devise: Huawei P8 Lite


Add this to the wiki

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which one?

For all the problems I think that’s just the beginning

We have a long day for all problems!!!

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yea, i there are so many porblems that the betatesters didnt found

Also a problem I think it’s a little more time to reach Apple update that Apple has more standards

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That’s wrong. Issues like this don’t reveal themselves until it goes RTM.


The package probably got corrupted during the build. I am sure it will be patched.

Dont worry the Beta guys do a great job, and this is probably one of the things that they couldn’t find because as mentioned above its something that will only pop up when it goes RTM.


They’ve released an update, it now says the 777-200LR is “Fixed”. Try again, it should work now.

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