Can not access simbrief

I can’t access simbrief. Is anyone else having this problem?

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Hey! Some others have been having this issue. I’m sure it’s being looked into. Sorry for the inconvenience. :)


I’m having a similar issue. The website might be down for a little while

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Sucks. Was down yesterday, too.

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Haha yep second time it has happened. Sucks cuz I want to do a long haul, might have to do the old style

They are currently having server issues. It’s been down since Monday and could take a while until it’s back.

As an alternative you could try

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At the time of writing this 0645Z, the server will have been down for 2 hours (0450Z). Give them a few hours or wait until tomorrow/today (depending on where you live) 😜 to give it another shot. FP Database which has been linked as well as (only for US FPLs) are great sources for routes.