Can Northwest Airlines be revived, is it even possible?

So, if anyone knows about this, Eastern Airlines is now back in the skies! well… as a charter carrier… This Airline commenced operations back in 2015, and has since been flying. There was one airline called People Express which was a 2012 based airline that only lasted from June to September of 2014. I was thinking, If these airlines can be revived (Aside from People Express, as it didn’t last), can Northwest Airlines be revived? Yes, I know NW merged with DL back in 2010, but can a new Northwest Airlines be formed?

The new Northwest Airlines can have a modern fleet like the A350


Please put this in #real-world-aviation. In terms of your question due to the massive increase of cheaper regional carriers I doubt a “premium” airline such as this can be revived


Not likely considering that consolidation is the current industry trend.


what do you mean it can’t be revived? Can you elaborate with some details?

With the advent of airliners like NetJets and JetSmarter, the market is there for premium services, it’s just that the market is not big enough for an entrant at the scale of NW to survive.

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I justified my reasoning in my post - there are already more stables he’d cheaper regional airlines making it harder for newer airlines to break the ice.

Weren’t they bought by Delta?
They probably still hold the trademarks along with copyrights.

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If Delta doesn’t still hold the rights to the name (which they probably still do) Northwest could come back.

They were bought by DL, but why would they have the rights to NW?

Because once you buy something, you own every part of it. So Delta owns everything about Northwest.

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Eastern reformed, not sure if its possible for NWA to reform. Wish they could though.


Everything between 270* and 360* belongs to them.


With the right amount of money, anything can come back…


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