Can my phone slow down

While I was playing infinite flight earlier today my phone started to lag for the first time. Can flying for to long slow down my phone?

Depends on which phone you have. Which phone do you use to play IF?

It depends on your device, remember to clear all background apps before starting a flight to clear up some RAM. If it still keeps on lagging nonstop, restart your device or delete and reinstall Infinite Flight. Also, try lowering your graphic settings and lower your device’s brightness.

It can also depend on traffic, heavy traffic combined with high graphic settings can cause some lag

Combine this with your device type, background apps and connection type then yes… certainly possible

No, infinite flight has amazing technology. Many people around the world use it. It was probably just a glitch on the game or you need to update it.

Well I have a iPhone 7 that I recently got the summer. But can flying for a long time in general slow down my phone completely, not just infinite flight

Your phone could slow down but it depends on your graphical settings and how much traffic is around you.

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Your phone should remain unaffected as a whole. However, you should restart your device before and after an IF flight so that you don’t overstress your CPU and your GPU.

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OP, when was the last time you cleared your RAM?

On Apple devices, it is recommended to restart your device before and after every flight to clear the cache. And unfortunately, Apple slowed down older devices with a software update to save battery. It can be both.

What I suggest is for you to restart your phone right after you end your flight. It should clear it up a little bit.


No. I have an IPhone 7 as well and I have no problems with flying on IF.

The 7 is a little over a year old. I highly doubt Apple is going to slow it down any time soon.

Everything under the iPhone 7, including the iPhone 7, has been slowed down. This is for: 1. People buy their newest flagships.
2. To save battery life.
However, if you change the battery, it will gain its full performance back. This was tested by many bench marks and was also stated by many people.

personally I am waiting iOS11.3 which is coming soon, as Apple promised us will fixed the performance and battery issue.

Does this make sense? :/

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