Can mods edit flight plans

If mods can edit flight plans then i need their desperate help

I am doing an expert server flight from EGLL to WSSS and didn’t notice the 10000 extra miles I’m doing because of a waypoint I didn’t delete

I am now at school away from the flight if anyone can help please do

The image has my callsign and the issue I have

The fpl was made on flight plan database

I’m not sure when I’ll get back so that’s why I’m doing the topic also if I don’t reply to a message it’s because I’m in class

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You should have double checked your flight plane before you left for school. I’m pretty sure mods can’t do anything about it. Also, please change this to #live


Ok thanks anyway

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Like @Aviator_Airbus, mods cannot modify flight plans I’m afraid! In the future, make sure your flight plan is free of odd waypoints before you leave it!

It might not be like that. Sometimes the waypoints show in different locations on liveflight. But as @Aviator_Airbus said, this ideally should be checked beforehand :)


The FPL showcased on LiveFlight may not be correct,

This exact thing has happened to me before and my FPL was actually fine :)

So let’s hope for the best ;)


Hmmmm 🧐

Maybe mods can change winds for you) so it will change the direction of your plane?)

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I sure will

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Dont want to take away from your studies but you have posted several times on here so far and the original post even included a screen shot. Call me crazy but Did you ever think to just delete the waypoint yourself?

I dont think it would be that hard to download the app and login.

exactly one time have same issue

He wouldn’t be able to do so as in TOS you can’t have multiple devices flying on 1 account.

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That’s very sad then 😶. Well my friend. @A320fan, it seems like you are indeed dooomed .

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