Can moderators re open topics?

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I have an interesting question
Can the moderators re open topics? I’ve seen some of the topics they have made (most recently a support topic) and in the comments they had a comment where it stood “edit” and a date, so that is why I wondered

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Yes, mods can reopen topics


I believe they can if you PM them asking for reopening but there has to be a valid reason to do so.


I don’t really need to reopen one I just wanted to know this🤔

Sure thing. If you ever need them to reopen then you know now that they can :)

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Can they reopen feature requests/other topics that has been inactive for too long then?

Yes, they can reopen any kind if topic. Do you have any specific in mind right now?

Usually feature request that are closed are mostly due to the request being old and a new one is in the making or that the OP asked for closure. There are other reasons too as well.

Reopening a feature request will reset the voting count. We don’t really touch those unless necessary.

However if you want to redo a feature request with more details and the old one is old with low/zero votes. (Old as in a year old not Dec 2018 old) we can do that. We dont want people redoing features for the sake of redoing them.

Here is an example of a topic being reopened

By our very own @DeerCrusher

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Here’s another example (:


That is very cool!


He’s a witch!


Also the A350 topic

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You mean a wizard!!